What does MPS print management consist of?


Comprehensive service to serve companies in terms of managing a fleet of printing devices while taking care of cost reduction.

Print management greatly simplifies the entire process of managing printing for companies. The unquestionable advantage of MPS is that it saves time and costs while increasing work efficiency and the security of printed documents.

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The benefits of Print Management

Managed Print Services is a simple way to manage your company's printing. You pay only for the prints you make, and therefore, there are no hidden costs.

The procedure for implementing Print Management is not usually simple, all you have to do is order the equipment and we will take care of the rest:

Matching Brother devices to your needs

Provision of consumables

Conducting training for employees

Servicing of equipment, throughout the life of the contract

Repair and service requests

Readings of printout counters (automatic)


How can managed print services support your business?

Based on research, it was found that in most companies the printing budget is exceeded. With the Print Management service, devices will be used more efficiently than they were meant to be. The easy-to-use web portal allows you to keep track of consumables usage, review orders and control costs. This increases the efficiency of your company's printing operations and gives you valuable time to run your business the way you like it - efficiently.


Print Management Services Program

Its development was based mainly on customer observations. The most important goal of the program is to tailor the services as closely as possible to the real needs of businesses. Part of every contract for Managed Print Services, is assistance from sales consultants.

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Our print handling system reduces up to 30% of the work time of print handlers in production companies

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In four steps we prepare the optimal printing environment

Free audit of printing needs
Preparation of a personalized offer
Implementation - installation, configuration
Monitoring and checking the technical condition of equipment

Security of personal data in the company

Protection solutions against attacks

Restricts access to device settings through the control panel. This is ideal for organizations where users have unrestricted access to printer functionality, but the administrator wants to PREVENT unauthorized changes to printer settings.

Even with the previously mentioned safeguards in place, it is important to keep in mind one more danger associated with the printing process. This is because it may happen that someone will try to intercept your data on its way to the printer using specialized software. Brother devices are equipped with encryption using TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocols. Such technology is used in e-commerce to protect payment and credit card data. Thus, your most sensitive files can be encrypted during transmission over the network using a 256-bit key.

A feature designed for users who print confidential documents quite infrequently. Secure Print allows you to hold a print command until an authorized person is at the device. When printing confidential documents, the user simply assigns a PIN code to the print job in the printer driver. This code is later required to print the job.

Devices can be configured to limit access to specific functions by disabling selected interfaces, such as disabling USB for printing and direct scanning, or disabling wireless networking functions.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP), provides private and secure data transfer. By controlling access to the SFTP server, a company can help improve the security of the entire network.

Active Directory authentication physically prevents unauthorized people from using any printer functions. In order to unlock the device and retrieve printed documents, the user must first provide his or her credentials (username and password). In this service, the print job is stored in the device’s internal memory until it is received.
When using the secure printing function after logging in to an Active Directory service or LDAP server, the administrator can – as an additional security measure – set a limit on how long unclaimed print jobs will be kept in the device’s memory.

A feature designed for people who regularly print documents containing sensitive data. Secure Print+ allows printing to be delayed until the user approaches the printer. Scanning the card is required to unlock the device and print the job.

Secure Function Lock is a step further in restricting access to device settings and certain functions. It allows the administrator to decide the permissions of individual people using the printers. For example, it can specify which users can scan documents or send faxes. It is also possible to limit functionality by specifying, for example, monthly limits on pages to be printed. Users are identified by PIN codes or proximity cards

Scanned documents can be secured with a four-digit PIN code. Brother MFPs and scanners can automatically secure each newly scanned PDF file with a four-digit PIN so no one can open it without your permission.

Mobile and in the cloud

With our tools in the form of AirPrint and iPrint&Scan, you and your employees can afford to connect, print and scan remotely.

Air Print

What benefits will you gain with the AirPrint app for wireless scanning?

  • The application is built into the system, so you won’t have to install anything else

  • Gain unlimited access to compatible printers and multifunction devices

  • It’s up to you to decide what you want to print, with no restrictions – from photographs to spreadsheets

  • Send print commands directly from your Apple device


iPrint & Scan

iPrint & Scan

What benefits will you gain with the iPrint & Scan app for wireless scanning?

  • Automatically searches for compatible printers and MFPs available on the network

  • Allows you to print files in multiple formats such as JPEG, PDF, Microsoft Office and web pages wirelessly

  • With it you scan, store and share files via iCloud or email

  • Allows you to print files coming from iTunes


Managed Print Services is a secure and cost-effective solution for your business

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